Consensus Building in Groups pt. 1: You’re in the Weeds- now what?

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Typically groups don’t need any help getting into conflict, but they may need help getting out of it. We think a big part of good group management and group leadership is knowing how to be a great facilitator when the group is in the weeds, or the rather the muck, of conflict and tension around … Read more

Holding it together in a Pandemic: How to keep Group Engagement high right now

group management in a pandemic, good group management

Good group management means different things on different days It’s been a tough year for group meetings. We all know this. We’re all in different places right now and the lack of unified strategy among the states or clarity in vision from the top leadership has been….a lot to bear witness to. According to the … Read more

Leadership 101: Use SWOT to avoid group decision collision

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So ya gotta make some choices? ALL groups can benefit from having a few easy-to-implement processes for how to make decisions. Leaders should keep a few of these on deck so that when a turning point comes along, as they are wont to do, its not a total crisis! With the proper tools, evolution and … Read more