Boosting group morale during COVID: 5 actionable tips

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In order to thrive, groups of course need to be invested in their goals. But also, group members need to be invested in their relationships with one another.  During COVID we’ve all been thrown for myriad loops (remember all the think pieces about toilet paper hoarding that were coming out six months ago?). In professional … Read more

Consensus Building in Groups pt 4: LARGE groups & 3 methods to eliminate madness

First of all, if you’re new to the Groupizy Blog, welcome, bienvenidos, and konichiwa!! At Groupizy, our main goal is to give groups a streamlined tech platform so that they can stay focused on their hobbies, goals, and/or communities. That means staying out of the cat-herding associated with trying to use too many apps to … Read more

Consensus Building in Groups pt. 3: the definitive ranking system for dissent

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Two weeks ago we introduced consensus building into our good group management toolbox. Last week, we gave you some malleable steps to bring it to your group process. This week: how to measure dissent in the ranks Dissent in consensus building is a foregone conclusion. The process relies on examining conflict, or challenges to proposed … Read more

Consensus Building in Groups pt. 2: 8 steps to get people talking

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Last week we opened the door on consensus building. What is it? Go read our intro! In brief, it’s a set of social contracts and a process. Consensus building gives groups the ability to make more durable and informed decisions in a way that prioritizes member input. While majority rule voting may work in certain … Read more