How to End 90% of Small Group Communication Problems Immediately [NVC pt. 1]

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In our experience, a LOT of petty miscommunication that ends up being a drag on your small group communication, small group collaboration, and overall group morale aren’t really about core issues. Often, miscommunications are over the not-really-little-but-also-entirely-not-the-point kind of things- the way something is said, the way questions get steamrolled over, Y person’s seeming inability … Read more

5 ways to GROW your small groups while social distancing

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For churches, a few things have become clear a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Thriving congregations have been forced to adapt by increasing their digital presence and outreach. In addition, successful churches have empowered small groups to keep members engaged and supported remotely.  A point of clarification.  When we say ‘small group,’ we include study … Read more