about us

It’s Time for Groups to Evolve

Chances are, your group is still being run by the same handful of members with the same mix of apps (dare we guess-email and a spreadsheet?), as when it was founded.

Does it work? Maybe.

Does it help your group thrive? Probably not.

We conceived Groupeasy with one thing in mind: your group’s ability to seamlessly communicate in a digital space. Our solution feels different and does more than large social media platforms that offer limited group features (and sell your data).

As members and leaders of several groups, we noticed there are a LOT of resources and tools for one-off event planning, but not for on-going, persistent groups. We couldn’t find a consolidated, affordable tool to support groups, teams, clubs, community organizations, etc.

We also watched group leaders struggle to manage motivated groups by force of will and email— witnessing first-hand that burnout is real, leadership transitions are an uphill battle, and either the next hero steps up or the group fizzles out.

We started with two core beliefs

1. Life is better when we are connected to others.

2. The effective use of technology can make connecting into groups easier.

Groupeasy Is Born

We intuitively knew good technology could help incubate the next crop of leaders and ensure the longevity of groups. Based on our diverse career backgrounds, we knew we could help groups thrive and Groupeasy was born.
Here are the assumptions we made about improving group operations:

You inspired our Design Choices

Next, we had to ensure that onboarding a whole group of people with varying levels of comfort with technology would be pain-free and fast.

We are committed to the Partnership

We believe in keeping things highly functional, simple, and drama free. Groupeasy enhances your group dynamic and workflow, while keeping a streamlined user experience. And we embrace change! We’re committed to working closely with you to adapt & and stay responsive to evolving needs and ideas. Stay in touch and tell us how we can help your group thrive.