Group empowerment hot tip: leash your inner control freak

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Control freak-ishness: noun, the tendency towards micromanagement as a coping mechanism for dealing with fear (and unchecked ego) Control freak-ishness is a strategy, albeit a dysfunctional strategy, for dealing with fear. Fear that something will go wrong if the control freak eases up on the reins a bit. Is that you? If you’re the resident … Read more

Boosting group morale during COVID: 5 actionable tips

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In order to thrive, groups of course need to be invested in their goals. But also, group members need to be invested in their relationships with one another.  During COVID we’ve all been thrown for myriad loops (remember all the think pieces about toilet paper hoarding that were coming out six months ago?). In professional … Read more

Consensus Building in Groups pt 4: LARGE groups & 3 methods to eliminate madness

First of all, if you’re new to the Groupizy Blog, welcome, bienvenidos, and konichiwa!! At Groupizy, our main goal is to give groups a streamlined tech platform so that they can stay focused on their hobbies, goals, and/or communities. That means staying out of the cat-herding associated with trying to use too many apps to … Read more

Consensus Building in Groups pt. 3: the definitive ranking system for dissent

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Two weeks ago we introduced consensus building into our good group management toolbox. Last week, we gave you some malleable steps to bring it to your group process. This week: how to measure dissent in the ranks Dissent in consensus building is a foregone conclusion. The process relies on examining conflict, or challenges to proposed … Read more

Leadership 101: Use SWOT to avoid group decision collision

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So ya gotta make some choices? ALL groups can benefit from having a few easy-to-implement processes for how to make decisions. Leaders should keep a few of these on deck so that when a turning point comes along, as they are wont to do, its not a total crisis! With the proper tools, evolution and … Read more

Conflict is NOT the enemy: 3 strategies for keeping group conflict healthy and productive

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Healthy group conflict: secret’s in the sauce When it comes to group conflict, we rarely hear anyone CELEBRATING its inevitable existence. Often, we hear of people and groups trying to avoid it at all costs. BUT, we know that conflict is an unavoidable part of human connection. We know that healthy group conflict can lead … Read more

On To the Next One: The Group Leaders Guide to Succession Planning

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A part of leadership that too often goes unexamined is how to know WHEN to step down…and then how to execute with efficiency and grace.  When we read about succession planning it is often in the context of corporate America, but it is just as important in non-professional spheres. Just because you’re deeply invested in … Read more

Fostering healthy feedback culture: Do’s, don’ts, and 11 questions to ask regularly

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Establishing the feedback loop The magic words for receiving feedback: curious, open, humble, resilient. If your group management process doesn’t already have dynamic feedback-sharing built in, it may take a little while to get the wheels turning. Be patient but be persistent. When you, the leader,  approach the group with genuine curiosity about how to … Read more

Group Management Mistake: Excel Hell

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Are we all familiar with Excel Hell? This is the eventuality where your group has come to rely on spreadsheets to track membership. It makes sense that many groups would fall back on Excel: it’s readily available and most people can muddle their way through its most basic functions. But there are myriad reasons why … Read more

Leadership 101: Create compelling mission and vision statements with your group

How to facilitate mission statement meeting

Meeting as a group to write your mission and vision statements is a great way to get everyone on the same page about the group’s goals and future. A group whose interests have become fractured because there is no collective understanding of the exact group charter is a group that may well fail. We highly recommend making this mission … Read more