simplicity that work for you

Our intuitive interface and streamlined workflow walk you through setting up your group and inviting members. Your group can be up and running in a matter of minutes. If you’re the type person who likes step-by-step details, check out the helpful videos below that walk you through the quick and easy set-up flow.

1. Start a Group!

Groupeasy supports 4 distinct types of groups.


1) Public + Open

2) Public + Verified

3) Private + Open

4) Private + Verified

a. PUBLIC Groups will be found in searches.  They will show up in FIND A GROUP.   PRIVATE Groups will not.
b. OPEN Groups have ‘open’ membership, meaning anyone can join.  VERIFIED Groups require an administrator to approve a membership.  NOTE:  A group Admin can always invite someone to join any group.


1) Public/Open groups can be found in searches and can be joined by anyone.  This makes the on-boarding very simple.  People can become members simply by going to the website, finding the group and chosing to join.


2) Public/Verified groups can also be found in searches, and anyone can request to join the group.  Membership requests are approved by the group Admin.  On-boarding members is easy and the Admin is notified immediately for any requests.


3) Private/Open  groups are not found in public searches, although anyone can join if they choose.  The group Admin can post /email out a link to the Group Page for people to join from, or they can send invitations.

4) Private/Verified groups are not found in public searches, and membership to them must be approved.  The simplest method for on-boarding people to this type of group is by inviting them via email.

Groupeasy provides every group with its’ own customizable webpage – called the GROUP PAGE.  Below are the components that you will want to consider and maybe talk about with your group members.  ( * indicates the item is optional.)


1) The Group name

2) The Group description

3) Upcoming Calendar events that are marked to share *

4) The Group type (Public/private, Open/verified)

5) The Group Admin *

6) The option to Share the Group Page *


2. Set-up Account Info

Workflow will walk you through setting up your Contact Information when you first join.  If you choose not to set up your information when you first join, you can always go to SETTINGS and update at any time.  NOTE:  You decide what contact info you share.  Groupeasy never shares, or sells your personal data.

1) Name

2) Birthday (day/month)

3) Address

4) Phone info

You choose how you share your information with each group where you are a member. (NOTE:  you only enter your personal data once – in the CONTACT INFORMATION tab.) 

In the SHARING tab, you will decide what information to share.  There is a drop-down so that you can select and share with each group.  So for example, in an virtual group with 500 members interested in Corvettes, you might only share an email.  If the group is your neighborhood, you may share all your data.


1) Full Name

2) Address

3) Cell phone

4) Birthday (day/month)

5) Photo

6) Email


YES! Go to SETTINGS and the Messaging tab.

There are two types of information that you can customize. 

NOTE:  You can do this differently for each group to which you belong.

1)  MESSAGES:  Choose to receive messages by

a. Email

b. Text message

c.  Both email and text

d.  Neither:  receive no messages

2) Notifications:  Set the frequency for receiving notifications (reminders, updates etc.)

Choose whether to receive a daily summary, a real-time notification email or both when there are updates to the following functions:


3. Invite People to Join

There are two ways for people join the group.

1) Onboard Members by sending invitations from Groupeasy (see Video)

2) Send a link (from the GROUP PAGE) to people or

    send them to the Groupeasy website to FIND A GROUP.

The advantage to using the On-boarding process within Groupeasy is that you can easily track how you are doing.  It is very quick to go to GROUP ADMIN/INVITE MEMBERS and determine who has not joined yet.  Who has joined will show up in MEMBERS!

On-boarding members to a group is an easy process with three steps: 

1) Collect email addresses

a.  Verify that you have everyone’s current email.
b.  An Excel file works great with each emailseparated by a comma or a space.


2) Send out the Pre-Invitation Email  (See Pre-Invite Email Template) 

a. Send out an email to the group telling them about Groupeasy.
b. There are several important pieces to this email:
• Tell them why the group has chosen to use Groupeasy.
• Letting them know they will be receiving an invitation to join the group from Groupeasy within X days.
• If they don’t see the email, they need to check their SPAM/JUNK MAIL folders.
• If people only want to get emails (NEWSBOARD items and NOTIFICATIONS), they can choose to remain a LIMITED MEMBER.


3) Send invitations to join Groupeasy

a. Go to the GROUP ADMIN function on the left blue navigation bar
b. Select to Invite Members
d. Copy current emails from file constructed in step 1).
e. Paste the emails into the window and select Validate. (Correct any errors)
f. Send the invitations.


(Best Practice): Monitor Group Membership and ensure everyone is coming to the party!

a. Monitor INVITE MEMBERS Tab in MANAGE MEMBERSHIP. This will tell you how many outstanding invites you have.
b. Once most of your group is on, use the NEWSBOARD to welcome and communicate.
c. Remind everyone that the NEWSBOARD is for general communication and dialogue.
d. MESSAGES is for contacting specific people
e. Remind people to look at the CALENDAR.
f. Ensure that everyone uploads any group documents to the proper folder in DOCUMENTS.


There are two ways for people to get the link that lets them join the Group.

1) You can send the link for the GROUP PAGE to people via email or push it out through social media.

2) You can send them the link to the Groupeasy website ( and direct them to FIND A (your) GROUP.


Note:  In order to find a group, it must be a PUBLIC group.

Hello Friends!

<Group name> has made a decision to use a communication platform called Groupeasy! Groupeasy provides a secure set of tools to help us manage our calendar, our files, and most importantly provide us with a mechanism for information sharing outside of our meetings.

If you are currently a participating member and we have your email, you are receiving an email invitation to join on Groupeasy!

This is how it will work:


1) You will receive an email inviting you to the group.

NOTE: If you do not get the email from Groupeasy, check your spam folder. You will see the 3 options above.  Click the link to Accept!


2) You will be prompted to create an account:

• First & last name are required during set-up, however, NO ONE can view this information.
• Create a password and click Sign-up.
You are almost done!


3) You will be prompted to create a User Name

• First & last name are required during set-up, however, NO ONE can view this information.
• Your user name is the name that the members of this group will use to identify you. It can be as anonymous as you want it to be!
• (You may have a different User Name for each Group in which you are a member.)
• After joining, you will be dropped into the Newsboard of your group.
• We are excited to get everyone on-board and will help in any way possible.
• Your Group Administrator is <Name of Admins> .
If you have technical issues, please email the Groupeasy Team at [email protected].

Consider making a recommendation about what contact information the group would like members to share.  For example:

  1. If this is a large community action group, people may only want to share an email or a cell number.
  2. If it is your neighborhood, you may share everything.

These recommendations can be shared either through the NEWSBOARD or through MESSAGES.


If you have technical issues, please email the groupeasy Team at [email protected].