A safe place for Faith Groups to 

 organize so everyone can connect

All-in-one coordination platform for groups that exist over time.


Less time searching and more time serving

Groupeasy’s All-in-one platform lets groups easily share information and keep everyone in the loop


An easier way to gather the flock

Scheduling and managing activities is seamless, and all members get notifications and updates


Now everyone’s voice can be heard

Whether the group is making decisions or you are ‘reading the room’ to get ready for a discussion, everyone gets to have their say

Manage all your Groups in one place

As a leader, you have a consolidated view of all your groups- Simplify and save time

Empower your congregation and grow

Connect your groups and committees seamlessly in one place.

Streamline communication for greater engagement.

Deepen commitment through connection.

Save time. Lead Better. Do more. From anywhere.

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