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So you might’ve noticed we changed our name….

Hello, Groupizy….er, Groupeasy Blog readers!! Just a quick drop-in in to address the name change and relaunch of our brand and website. We started Groupizy with one thing in mind- making running and participating in a group seamless and simple. We know from experience the headaches caused by endlessly searching for group documents, the torture of indirect and meandering email communication, and the compounded stress of trying to stay connected to our communities of interest in the midst of a global pandemic.

In creating Groupizy, we sought to eliminate unnecessary complications caused by overly complex, bloated software tools. We also sought to ease the burden of trying to use too many single-use apps to do what we do with just one, ours!

Through the past year of onboarding customers to our tool, we have made improvements and actively sought out feedback in order to make our tool even more intuitive and user friendly. We think evidence of a good tool is that it functions well, but also functions quietly. What we mean by that is that we know we are doing a good job of helping groups do their housekeeping when they hardly know we’re there because we’ve streamlined things so well.

Groupizy —> Groupeasy

Life just got a lot (Group)easier

Through this refining process, we began to realize that while we loved our previous interface and branding, our name may have been out of alignment with our values around transparency and simplicity. Why Groupizy, and not just…..Groupeasy? Why over complicate our own name when we are all about eliminating barriers and complications?

We pitched the idea to a few of our long-standing groups and clients, and they affirmed that this change made a lot of sense. So we decided to strike while the iron was hot.

And so now- Voila- we are Groupeasy! We remain committed to the iterative process of working closely with our customers to continue to make our tool as high-functioning and seamless as possible. Groupeasy group leaders give us feedback, we listen, and we adjust. Adaptability is one thing that we know makes groups stronger, and it’s a core part of our brand identity as well.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback! If there’s ever anything we can do to better serve your group, you can find us hard at work in the brand new Groupeasy toolshed.

Happy grouping, 

the team at Groupeasy

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