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Groupizy features Brene Brown: The Daring Greatly Leadership Manifesto

“We are hardwired for connection, curiosity, and engagement…”

You’re most likely familiar at least with the name, Brene Brown. Brown is a researcher, author, public speaker, professor who has spent her career focusing on courage and shame. Around here, we are big fans of her wildly popular book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead.  We are drawn to Brown’s work because of the way she speaks to leading from a position of humility, transparency, and vulnerability.

Brown’s Daring Greatly Leadership Manifesto

A little food for thought from Brown for all of the group leaders making there way in this ongoing time of uncertainty:

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We want to hear from the leaders out there! Respond in the comments and tell us what you’re doing to “dare greatly” with your group:

How do you stay engaged and keep feedback loops open in your group?

How do you demonstrate to your group your ongoing intention of leading with a servants heart?

How do you, as a leader, maintain a spirit of advocacy and mentorship?

How do you avoid command-and-control leadership or imposing your agenda on the group?

How do you encourage others to find the leader in themselves?

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