Groupizy is a web-based application to help groups, clubs, organizations etc do what groups of individuals with a shared interest do: communicate, schedule, organize and perform, and make decisions while also storing important artifacts such as documents and images. Groupizy makes groups easy. |

Welcome to Groupeasy!

Welcome to Groupeasy..Group Management Software that will make your group hum!

We needed this toolbox 20 years ago, because we were engaged in our community, schools, civic organizations, church, extended family, and neighborhood.  Some type of communication needed to happen, almost everywhere we turned.  Multiple calendars got crazy and keeping up with documents, lists, flyers just got to be a nightmare.  We tried to cobble various tools together from various platforms to be able to manage groups effectively, and were not very successful.

Finally, we threw up our hands and went to work. Groupeasy is the result!  We are certain that we have a basic set of tools that will let you manage groups more effectively.  Our toolbox will let you spend time doing the things that matter with the people you care about!